Modifying Forms XML in Nintex Forms

With Nintex Forms for SharePoint On Premises 2013, you can download a serialized version of your Nintex Form in XML format. By changing certain element values in the XML you can write an application that can update the text of your labels, switch the target URLs for your images, update CSS, and so on. This […]

Publish a Form Using the Nintex Forms 2013 Web Service

In this example, I will retrieve a Nintex Form from a SharePoint Server and save to a folder on my machine. Nintex Forms provides a set of REST methods in the NfRestService service, which I can retrieve, publish, and delete Nintex forms from SharePoint lists and document libraries. This sample will demonstrate using Nintex Forms […]

Create a Custom Control for Nintex Forms 2013

In this example, I’m going to create a color-picker custom control for Nintex Forms On Premises 2013. The color-picker control implements the HTML5 color input and illustrates how you can bind your own control using the Nintex.Forms.Sdk.dll to Microsoft SharePoint with Nintex Forms. It also demonstrates how to store and retrieve data to and from […]

An Unevenly Distributed Future

I presented the talk “An Unevenly Distributed Future” on Feb. 4, 2016, at Seattle Central College Library as part of their Conversations on Social Issues Series. The topic was: “How Artists/Writers Rule the Information Economy.” “The only thing we know about the future is that we can’t predict it. An education in the humanities prepares […]

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