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Measure your words (Python)

You can gain valuable insight into your writing by measuring your words. The measurement of your writing can be part of your writing practice, and sets the basis for creating tests when validating hypothesis about your writing. GitHub: Measure your words

Base Linter [Homophone Checker] (Python)

Base Linter (a homophone checker) is a command-line interface app checks for sets of words in a text by order. Each time the app encounters a word belonging to a set, it prompts you to choose which of the words in the set. The app will replace the word in that position in the word […]

GenerateNintexFormXML (C#)

Nintex, Nintex Workflow Platform Software Development Kit The Nintex Simple Form Builder (GenerateFormXML) is a console application that will convert a basic XML file into a Nintex Form. (Programmer Writer | 2015-2017) GitHub: GenerateNintexFormXML

exquisitecorpse (Python)

Exquisite Corpse is a Python Module for generating a random text using the surrealist game. GitHub: exquisitecorpse

Concordance (Python)

This program will count all of the words in the file and export a CSV named Indexof_.csv. You can use this repo to create a command-line utility for the Mac and PC with Pyinstaller. GitHub: Concordance  

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