I can prepare a book-length manuscript for you from conception to the final, finished copy-edited and typeset book. I have experience working with clients at each phase of the book-writing process. You can contact me for a help with an idea, a work-in-progress, or to revise an existing work.

My experience:

I worked at the Richard Hugo House as a writer-in-residence and held open office hours where I met with more than 200 members of the community. I consulted with them about their works-in-progress. I have taught workshops to teenagers, prisoners, survivors of chronic illness, and CEOs looking to write their memoirs.

I am the author of nine works of fiction. My first book, The Remains of River Names, won the King County Arts Commission Publication Prize in 1998. said of the book, “an auspicious debut volume for 29-year-old Matt Briggs, whose sharp-eyed yet sympathetic vision of life in the overgrown, semi-rural backwaters of the Pacific Northwest puts him somewhere on the spectrum that leads from Raymond Carver to Kurt Cobain.” The Italian edition of The Remains of River Names was released in 2016 by Ad Est dell’ Equator (Napoli).

StringTown Press published two collections of stories in 2002 and 2005. My fourth book, Shoot the Buffalo, was a finalist for the 2006 Washington State Book Award and won the 2006 American Book Award.


  • Frog in My Throat, Dr. Cicero Books, stories, 2017
  • The Double E (Publication Studio), novel, 2013
  • Virility Rituals of North American Teenage Boys (Publication Studio), stories, 2013
  • The Strong Man (Publication Studio), novel, 2010
  • The End Is the Beginning (Final State), stories, 2008
  • Shoot the Buffalo (Clear Cut Press), a novel, 2006
  • The Moss Gatherers (StringTown Press), stories, 2005
  • Misplaced Alice (StringTown Press), stories, 2002
  • The Remains of River Names (Black Heron Press), stories, 1999


  • Seattle City of Literature: Reflections from a Community of Writers (Sasquatch Books), 2015
  • Reading Seattle (University of Washington Press), 2004
  • Rendezvous Reader (11th Ave E Press), 2002
  • Split: A Generation Raised on Divorce(McGraw Hill), 2002


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