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Base Linter [Homophone Checker] (Python)

Base Linter (a homophone checker) is a command-line interface app checks for sets of words in a text by order. Each time the app encounters a word belonging to a set, it prompts you to choose which of the words in the set. The app will replace the word in that position in the word […]

GenerateNintexFormXML (C#)

Nintex, Nintex Workflow Platform Software Development Kit The Nintex Simple Form Builder (GenerateFormXML) is a console application that will convert a basic XML file into a Nintex Form. (Programmer Writer | 2015-2017) GitHub: GenerateNintexFormXML

exquisitecorpse (Python)

Exquisite Corpse is a Python Module for generating a random text using the surrealist game. GitHub: exquisitecorpse

Concordance (Python)

This program will count all of the words in the file and export a CSV named Indexof_.csv. You can use this repo to create a command-line utility for the Mac and PC with Pyinstaller. GitHub: Concordance  

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