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Add a Function to Nintex Workflow 2013 as a Custom Workflow Action

In this third post to the series, Function to Microservice with the Nintex Workflow Platform, I look at how you can add your function to Nintex Workflow 2013 as a custom action.  I’ll walk you through installing a custom action. You can use custom actions to provide the functionality found in many open-source libraries, in your own console applications, or to […]

Matt Briggs and Vadim Tabakman on Using Nintex Workflow as a Microservices Plateform

Use the Nintex Platform as a microServices Platform [Video | PDF ]

Add a Function to Nintex Workflow 2013 as an Inline Function

In this second post to the series, Function to Microservice with the mattbriggs.us Workflow Platform, I look at how you can add your function to mattbriggs.us Workflow 2013 as an inline function. In these posts I reference a console application containing a function that converts a XML to JSON, or JSON to XML. The function will […]

Function to Microservice with the Nintex Workflow Platform

One way of looking at extending the Nintex Workflow Platform is to focus on the smallest unit of processing: the function. This series of posts will look at how you can approach your function as a portable unit in the Nintex Workflow Platform. I’m going to look at defining the boundaries of your function, what […]

Export and Deploy a Nintex Workflow with PowerShell

You can use the NWAdmin PowerShell snap-in available through the SharePoint 2013 Management Shell on your SharePoint 2013 server with Nintex Workflow installed. You can use NWAdmin and the ExportWorkflow andDeployWorkflow commands to export and deploy a Nintex workflows using a script. For the complete post, see the Nintex Community.

Export and Publish Nintex Workflow with the SOAP Web Service

You can use a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) client to hit the Nintex Workflow SOAP endpoints. With Visual Studio, you can add the Nintex service as a resource and then build a client. In this post, I show you how to add the resource, create your client, configure your bindings, and then use the export and publish […]

Create a Custom Action for Nintex Workflow 2013

Did you know you can create a custom action in Nintex Workflow 2013 using Visual Studio and the Nintex 2013 Platform SDK. With a custom action, you can: insert your function into a Nintex workflow pass data from the workflow into your function return information processed by the function to the workflow where it can be used […]

Generating Form XML for Nintex Forms

You can create a Nintex Forms XML with an application and upload the file to a SharePoint list. The Nintex Forms On Premises 2013 SDK contains a code sample of an application that will take a stripped down XML description of a form and create a Nintex Form. In this post, I’ll walk through my […]

Modifying Forms XML in Nintex Forms

With Nintex Forms for SharePoint On Premises 2013, you can download a serialized version of your Nintex Form in XML format. By changing certain element values in the XML you can write an application that can update the text of your labels, switch the target URLs for your images, update CSS, and so on. This […]

Publish a Form Using the Nintex Forms 2013 Web Service

In this example, I will retrieve a Nintex Form from a SharePoint Server and save to a folder on my machine. Nintex Forms provides a set of REST methods in the NfRestService service, which I can retrieve, publish, and delete Nintex forms from SharePoint lists and document libraries. This sample will demonstrate using Nintex Forms […]

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